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What to expect

Alpine Ballooning offers you an unforgettable adventure, respecting your comfort and safety..
Our flights can be enjoyed by everyone, individuals or groups. There are no particular age or physical requirements.
Balloon flights in Gstaad take place at sunrise when the winds are calm, the air cool and stable.

First you will discover the balloon preparation and inflation, and once aboard, you are ready to float where the wind takes you for approximately one hour.
After a gentle take off,. let the wind carry you, and maybe pick a leaf in a passing tree, or climb so you can touch the clouds, without the slightest feeling of vertigo!
The spectacle that unfurls before you will remain engraved in your memory for ever.
During the flight the pilot is in permenant contact with the ground crew.
Le The ground crew will be there to greet you at the landing for the traditional “toast des aéronautes” a convivial celebration in the Swiss countryside, before escorting you back to the departure point

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Alpine Ballooninig is licenced by the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority for Public Transport by Balloon