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Technical and safety information

All you need to know about pilots, the equipement, and the professionalism of Alpine Ballooning

When you decide to go on a balloon trip, you put all of your trust in the company you have chosen. At Alpine Ballooning we are proud to be a reference in professionalism, comfort and security.


Balloons designed for passenger transport.
Alpine Ballooning uses only equipement designed for passenger transport, built by the largest balloon manufacturer in the world. All our baskets are compartmented, the pilot is seperated from the passengers, and can manage his or her flight without hinderance. The passengers are in compartements for two to four people, according to the size of the balloon, ensuring a convivial atmosphere during the flight. All our baskets are a minimum of 1M10 in height ensuring a great feeling of security, and the inside of the compartments are entirely fitted with cushion walls.


Pilots trained for passenger transport.
All pilots at Alpine Ballooning recieve specific in house training for flying passenger carrying balloons. With have our own internal reglementation which is laid out in the company's "manuel d'exploitation", a document certified by the Civil Aviation Authority. This reglementation guarantees to you, the passenger, that the pilot flying you has the required experience for the category of balloon he is piloting. This experience is validated by a minimum number of hours, after which a flight test is conducted to certify the pilots capacity.

Modern equipement, and the highest standard of maintenance available.
Our technical workshop inspects all our balloons each year. During this inspection every enveloppe, burner and basket is put through a series of tests by our technical experts. During the flight season our technicians our on call 7 days a week. All our vehicules and trailors recieve the same attention. This allows us to work with great peace of mind, knowing that our equipement presents all the safety guarantees that you would expect from our balloon company, and for you, the passenger, the best service available in Switzerland today.

Unloading one of our balloon baskets

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Alpine Ballooninig is licenced by the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority for Public Transport by Balloon